September 7th - 10th 2017

Welcome to our new Euromeeting-Website! 

Please check out the latest news about the Euromeeting and our 50 years Charter-Party

Day 1 (Sept. 7th)

Meet the host! Please feel free to arrive at any time on this Thursday. You will meet your host and you will have a relaxed evening, maybe in smaller groups or just with the host family. In case you are staying at a hotel, you will get invited to one of our hosts. 

Day 2 (Sept. 8th)

We will have an early Breakfast all together and have a Cruise on the river Elbe all the way to Hamburg, where the Cruise Days will take place. Arriving in the Harbour City, we will see the recently finished Elbphilharmonie, which is the best Operahouse in the world, probably also the most expensive one. Continuing a sightseeing tour through the harbor ending up in an evening location, where we will celebrate! Open end... :-)

Day 3 (Sept. 9th)

The day will start with a Breakfast with the hosts. We will then continue to the Castle Reinbek, where the Euromeeting will take place. After that we will have some free time. The Gala-Dinner will take place at the *****Hotel WALDHAUS Reinbek with an excellent  5-course-menu, a great bar and a surprise at midnight! Open end...again! :-)

Day 4 (Sept. 10th)
We will all meet in Hamburg again for a Farewell brunch. We will be at a central location so that airport and train station will not be far. Please book your flights back in the late afternoon!

Please check out our pictures, invitation Videos and check in asap. Home hosting places will be given by time of booking and payment. 

I herewith book for the Euromeeting and will do the payment within a week, after I receive the confirmation email with the account information. The costs for the Euromeeting are EUR 250,- (+ EUR 20,- for a unique Polo-Shirt if ordered)